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It is easy to create and send online proposals

With Alboom CRM it is simple to prepare and send online proposals to your customers. It works with your email and WhatsApp. You can monitor in real time the status of your proposal so you can close each sale faster.

Visualize the status of each opportunity

The Alboom CRM has a visual interface that is very intuitive. The sales funnel has an auto-reply system that will help you to do more and save time 24 hours a day. You can just drag and drop an opportunity to advance in the sales cycle.

Have the right information at right time

Improve the experience of your customers by consolidating all your contacts in the Alboom CRM. You can make yourself more productive and look more professional by having instant access to your customer and opportunity information whenever you need them. The relationship with your customer will be in another level with Alboom CRM.

Connected with the main platforms

Customer quotes

  • Cinco Estrelas

    “We started working with Alboom when it opened doors in Europe. We are a company that watches over productivity and time and we are very satisfied, both for the solutions as well as the service. Regarding Alboom's CRM, it was the icing on the cake. We have several teams to coordinate, various types of work that we do and we needed a platform that alerts on the tasks of each employee. Other good points are that they can also coordinate all the work in progress, have the history of each job done and have a much more professional organization in front of the client at all times. Strongly recommend Alboom.”

    Jorge Ferraz
    Light Story (Portugal)
  • Cinco Estrelas

    “Alboom greatly optimizes the process of capturing and organizing contacts for the business. With the use of the Alboom website form, it is even more practical to send budgets to future clients and manage the entire process.”

    Erika Muniz
    Independent Professional
  • Cinco Estrelas

    “Today, 100% of my studio is being managed by Alboom. From the bride's budget request to the delivery of the album. I consider Alboom CRM the brain of my studio. It controls all steps of the workflow. I can not work without Alboom CRM.”

Main features

All the features are included in the free plan of Alboom CRM.

Online proposal

Create and send personalized proposals and know in real time when the customer reads it.

Auto-Reply System

Be more productive and professional by using the auto-reply system.

Sales Funnel

Prioritize and easily manage all your sales opportunities in one place.


Organize your activities and the tasks of each project in your Calendar.

Work collaboratively

Work in collaboration with your team using Alboom CRM.

Unlimited contacts and opportunities

Register the data of your business in a database that is unlimited for you.

Fully customizable.

Manage your business in your way with powerful features found in Alboom CRM.

Activity history

More secure by having all the activity history always saved online. The history period available for search in the free plan is the 30 day (last 30 days).

Alboom Prosite Integration

Connect the contact form in your Alboom Prosite with Alboom CRM and creates a powerful and automatic opportunity generator to your business.

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