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There are hundreds of ready-made templates that adapt to the size of the images. You can diagram beautiful albums in minutes, even without design knowledge.

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Alboom Designbox is integrated with leading binders and print laboratories, allowing you to create the album in exact specifications.

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With Alboom Designbox you create albums right in the cloud and start to diagram before the upload is complete. More time savings and more freedom for you!

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Customers quote

  • Cinco Estrelas

    “With Alboom, the work I used to do in 5 hours, I now do in 40 minutes. The album layout solution is very practical and easy. Before, I used another tool. No comparisons. I got much more time with Alboom Designbox.”

    Fabrícia Zanchetti
  • Cinco Estrelas

    “Sensational! I started using and I cracked my first album in less than 15 minutes! And it was magnificent! Thank you Alboom!”

    Helen Fernanda
  • Cinco Estrelas

    “Saving time allows me to do other daily activities. Having affixed bookbinders made it easier to send the layout. This saves me even more time and everything is very practical.”

    Diego Peixoto
  • Cinco Estrelas

    “It is practical and fast, with thousands of templates ready and with the super advantage of space of the blade is easy and beautiful to diagram. Designbox has optimized my time and enabled me to offer different albums for each client.”

    Thaís Augusto
  • Cinco Estrelas

    “After I hired Alboom I experienced fantastic experiences. Quality of work, productivity ... And the best: in 3 weeks with Alboom Designbox I sold 5 albums!”

Main Features

Intuitive Drag & Drop

Drag and drop the photos onto the slide and you’re done.

Unlimited images

No matter what your project is, with Alboom Designbox you can.

Unlimited albums

Create as many albums as you want.

Integrated Binding Machines

Choose the binder you use and do not worry about technical specifications.

Hundreds of templates

Alboom Designbox offers hundreds of templates ready for each slide.

Customizing layout

Go beyond! From a template you can customize it even more.


Work quietly knowing that your project is being automatically saved every moment.

Augmented Reality

Turn photos into videos that emerge from the surface of the album with this innovative technology.

100% online

Work from anywhere. No software installation is required.

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