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Create experiences with videos in Augmented Reality

Your printed images turn into fascinating videos on your phone.

Innovate with Augmented Reality

Sell ​​more by adding this technology to albums, paintings, portraits, posters and other photo products.

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With a photo, video and few clicks you can create an incredible experience.

How to Make Money with Augmented Reality

Sell ​​more albums and photo products.

Increase the value of your sales.

Fidelize your customers.

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Costumers quote

  • Cinco Estrelas

    “I use Alboom's augmented reality to impact my clients and stand out in my niche. Thanks to this product my clients relived unique moments and could share them with their family and friends.”

    Vane Obella
  • Cinco Estrelas

    “It is incredible the added value that Alboom provided to my work. The unique way that the customer perceives the augmented reality is impressive. I was able to increase the prices of my albums, pictures and photo memories after using Alboom AR. I started selling bigger albums, with more images and with less effort.”

    Andrés Preumayr
  • Cinco Estrelas

    “With Alboom I was able to marvel at my clients. I added a lot of value to the sale of wedding albums using the Alboom AR.”

    Daniel Henrique
  • Cinco Estrelas

    “All my customers want to album! Unbelievable as Alboom, with its augmented reality solution managed to increase my flow of sales and attraction of customers.”

    Rodolfo Santos
  • Cinco Estrelas

    “On the same day that I acquired Alboom AR, I posted a video on social networks showing how it works and I had numerous requests for album rehearsal. In 1 day I gained 5x the value of the investment.”

    Julie Campanholi
  • Cinco Estrelas

    “Today we have a 100% album sales rate after we've added this amazing technology that Alboom has made available to us.”

Main Features

Unlimited projects

Create as many experiment collections as you want, starting with up to 500Mb in the Free plane (raise the limit when you need it).

Unlimited views

Unlimited traffic and unlimited viewing.

Alboom Smartlink

Alboom AR creates a unique sharing link for anyone to easily download the App and experience.

Use WhatsApp

Alboom AR is integrated with WhatsApp allowing you to share the experience with customers, friends and family.

Instructions by QR Code

Alboom AR creates instructions with QR Code to further facilitate distribution.

Download Alboom AR App

The App Alboom AR is available for iOS and Android for free.

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