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Send the photos and your customer can choose in any device. Choose the rules and personalize the experience.

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Create sales opportunities together with the proofing process. Delight your customer with flippable albums and social network sharing.

Be more professional. And more productive

Be more professional by using the visual panel of the proofing stages (Alboom Proof Board) and avoid costly and manual steps to get the job done.

Automatic Reminders for due dates

Finalize the proofing in less time and less efforts using the alerts and reminders of Alboom Proof. You are notified of each activity your customer makes.

Forget about pendrive. Avoid payment delays

Customer quotes

  • Cinco Estrelas

    “Alboom really is a fantastic tool and that is helping me a lot in the speed of delivery of my work. I'm saving about 4 hours in my day to day using the Alboom test system. Alboom also makes it easier for my client to view and approve the photos, and also to view and approve the album layout. Actually Alboom's testing system is sensational and I am very satisfied”

    Filipe Nakazato
  • Cinco Estrelas

    “Before I had Alboom in my studio, the sale of an album took 4-6 months after the pictures were sent to the client. With Alboom solutions making life easier for my client, it takes about 30 days to choose the photos and approve the album. I'm seeing and receiving about 80% faster work, precisely because one of the processes that made my workflow more difficult was the choice of photos.”

    Guilherme Bastian
  • Cinco Estrelas

    “Alboom allows us to better manage our routine as a professional. Alboom's testing system makes customers feel a new experience and this brings us much more revenue. Imagine the client having the condition to choose what he wants. It is much more than emotion, it is a benefit for both parties!”

    Jader Morais
  • Cinco Estrelas

    “With Alboom I save on average 15 hours per week using the test system! Before it was very difficult to organize the approval of the photos and sending it. I missed deadlines and sales because of the large flow of jobs. I recommend Alboom for both those who have low workflow as high flow as I have.”

    Calebe Cypriano
  • Cinco Estrelas

    “With Alboom the proof process is much faster. The customer requests changes quickly. As my workflow is very large, saving time at the moment is very important. It made life easier for my clients and also for my diagramming team.”

Main features

All resources below are included in the free plan of Alboom Proof.

Proof Board

Visual manager for the proofings. Intuitive and editable. Allow you to speed up each work.

Photo and album proofing

Create proofing processes . Start with 500 active images available for free.

Reminders and Notifications

Be notified of due dates and know each step of your customer is doing in real time.


Archive finalized proofing projects and free up space but keeping the history.

Activity history

Automatic save the activity of your customers.


The Alboom Proof allows multiple comments in each image. It is easy, secure and optimize corrections.

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