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It is easier than you think to organize your sales

With Alboom CRM Pro you consolidate all your sales documents. You can also send contracts to your customer from customizable templates. Add electronic signature to your contracts to facilitate the process and give to your customer a new level of experience.

Easy access to all stages of your projects

The tasks and the workflow steps of each project are shown to you and your team in real time. That means no deadlines are missed. Alboom CRM notifies project managers of every step, greatly increasing the reliability of the delivery.

Alboom CRM Pro also helps with financial

Your sales information are automatically recorded in the Alboom CRM Pro. You know exactly how much you have to receive and your Cash Flow. And even better, You can send automatic reminders for payments, send receits and much more. The Alboom CRM Pro will work for you all the time.

Connected to the main platforms

Customer quotes

  • Cinco Estrelas

    “We started working with Alboom when it opened doors in Europe. We are a company that watches over productivity and time and we are very satisfied, both for the solutions as well as the service. Regarding Alboom's CRM, it was the icing on the cake. We have several teams to coordinate, various types of work that we do and we needed a platform that alerts on the tasks of each employee. Other good points are that they can also coordinate all the work in progress, have the history of each job done and have a much more professional organization in front of the client at all times. Strongly recommend Alboom.”

    Jorge Ferraz
    Light Story (Portugal)
  • Cinco Estrelas

    “Alboom greatly optimizes the process of capturing and organizing contacts for the business. With the use of the Alboom website form, it is even more practical to send budgets to future clients and manage the entire process.”

    Erika Muniz
    Independent Professional
  • Cinco Estrelas

    “Today, 100% of my studio is being managed by Alboom. From the bride's budget request to the delivery of the album. I consider Alboom CRM the brain of my studio. It controls all steps of the workflow. I can not work without Alboom CRM.”

Main Features

All of the features below are present in Alboom CRM Pro.

Sales Orders

Create sales order with the terms and details of the sale closed.


Know exactly the status of each stage in each project you have to deliver.


Manage everything you have to receive and pay. Send receipts and reports of your results.

Electronic signature

Create contracts and have your customers sign electronically wherever they are, quickly and securely.

Email templates

Sua biblioteca ilimitada de emails personalizados que você pode pre-elaborar e enviar ao seu cliente com 2 cliques.

Integration with Third Parties

Connect the Alboom Prosite contact form with the software you use and leverage the results of your business.

Activity history

More safety and usefulness while having activity history always saved online. Unlimited activity history.


Extended features, activated as needed, so you can handle specific business processes.

Sync for Gmail

Connect Alboom CRM with GMail and quickly access all messages exchanged with your customers.

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